Social Interest Freak 2.0.8 Crack With Torrent (x64) Free Download

By | April 7, 2023

Social Interest Freak 2.0.8 Crack For PC (Patch) Full Version Download

Social Interest Freak 2.0.8 Crack For PC (Patch) Full Version Download

Social Interest Freak Crack is a fantastic new Facebook focus group tool that helps you to find interests, behaviors, demographics, and other advanced goals, which you can then combine utilizing cross-referencing, aggregation, and exclusion approaches. No other software has made achieving amazing results so simple. This is sophisticated Facebook software that allows you to target Facebook campaigns in unprecedented ways. This technology was previously only available to Facebook-managed corporate customers. It is now available to everyday Joe and Jane marketers all over the world. It’s all based on Facebook’s most recent Application Programming Interface (API), which was only recently made available to developers.

The typical user now has the same chances as the few advertisers who can take advantage of this powerful targeting option on the Facebook Ads platform, thanks to Social Interest Freak. The first Facebook targeting tool of its kind, with a brilliant sales page and strong EPC (profits per click) for Facebook’s top software tool of the year. We’d like to inform you about a new Facebook software tool that has just been released… Furthermore, he is the founder of Social Lead Freak, one of Facebook’s most popular marketing products that were published in early 2013. It has now released a new desktop software product, Social Interest Freak, which, like Social Lead Freak, is designed using Adobe AIR and is therefore fully compatible with PC and Mac systems. New initiatives for 2015 and beyond.

Social Interest Freak With Cracked Version Free Download

Social Interest Freak Crack is a robust data extraction tool for Facebook Pages, Groups, and Events. Furthermore, Social Interest can accomplish it for you. Retrieve user IDs from Facebook pages, groups, and campaigns. Facebook email addresses ( should be extracted. UIDs can convert to email addresses. With a single click, you can import a list of UIDs that have converted to Facebook emails and save them as a CSV file. Filter the number of sites that are comparable to Social Lead Freak 2.4.3 Crack. This significant feature is fantastic news, especially because Facebook fan pages didn’t always have a large number of these people, and it offers them a lot of power for marketing services. Furthermore, you can be certain that only those with pages comparable to X will be able to sign up. Social Submitter Crack.

This is a useful method for finding pages that are not found by Myspace search. You might have observed that nearly no final results are shared. This aids in filtering out competing useful sites due to advertising or potential early page views. Look for articles, and this can be really beneficial. Find all Facebook posts, as well as see what opportunities you need right away and what you have to sell. A simple search can offer you hundreds of results at a time, directing you to thousands of relevant people who just post on Myspace that they need help. Facebook rarely shares the greatest articles for search engines.

Social Interest Freak Crack For (Win/PC) Latest Download

Social Interest Freak Crack Dump the IDs directly to your PC to receive a good, dependable, and massive list of member IDs (member IDs by file, group… After picking the relevant themes on which the owner wishes to market his product or brand), you will want to use the ID Portfolio Performance Editor to proactively submit Facebook advertising. Only these participants will see your advertisements. With ultra-high targeting, you can enter anyone who may be able to overcome their aversion to Facebook ads. Customers can purchase very huge quantities of Social Interest Freak.

</h2><h2>Social Interest Freak Key Features:</h2><ul><li>Facebook

  • In Facebook Ads Manager, you can override pre-defined interests. (never possible before)
  • You may now customize your Facebook Ads campaign based on the demographics of your Facebook users. (education, job title, etc.).
  • You can even specify that your Facebook ad campaigns exclusively target Facebook users who have engaged in “specific online behavior,” such as spending money online (extremely effective and clever). (never waste an ad on Facebook users who have never spent money online).
  • Advanced targeting based on Facebook users’ economic levels and much more.
  • All of this is done with Drag & Drop and is link to Facebook Ads Manager….. Everything you do in Social Interest Freak is synced with your Facebook Ads account. Social Phone Extractor Crack

Systems Requirements:

  • Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7
  • Additional Requirements: None


  • Facebook involvement and multi-level targeting
  • Advanced Facebook user targeting parameters
  • In Facebook Ad Manager, you can exclude predetermined interest data.
  • User manuals and tutorials
  • “YES,” a versatile and strong Facebook tool for interest targeting at every level. The intended audience (previously not possible).
  • You may also target your Facebook ad campaigns just to FB users who have “specific online behavior,” such as FB users who have spent money online [very effective and smart]. (never waste advertising to FB users who have never spent money online)

How To Install Social Interest Freak Crack?

  1. Download. Social Interest Freak. Click the download button on our website and start downloading from the developer’s website.
  2. Once you have downloaded Social Interest Freak, click on the application and start the installation (if you are using a PC).
  3. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to browse and use the app.

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Social Interest Freak Review:

It’s time to wrap up my Social Interest Freak review, and all I have to say is that the product is great and works beyond belief. It has the ability to make any assertion a reality. It will boost your sales and strengthen your market position in an unusual way. I observed results in a very short period of time, therefore I’m going to use Social Interest Freak to promote all of my products and services from now on and abandon traditional marketing approaches. After all, things have changed, and in order to thrive in this rapidly expanding industry, you must adapt your marketing strategies as well.

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